Wind River Canyon Freight Train

A short clip of the activity found in Wind River Canyon located between Thermopolis and Shoshoni, Wyoming

The McCullough Peaks

A badlands paradise, yet the Peaks are mostly overlooked since Yellowstone National Park is less than 100 miles away.

Rodriguez Ranch

A short aerial tour of a residential property near Powell, Wyoming.

Diggin' Beets

This is just a small sample of the annual sugar beet harvest just north of Powell, Wyoming.

45-Degree Train

A freight train heads north and passes through Warren, Montana—near the Wyoming/Montana border

Wind River Canyon

Near Thermopolis, Wyoming at "The Wedding of the Waters." This is where the Wind River turns into The Big Horn River. The renaming of the same waterway came about via confusion when the area was being explored by European-Americans. Explorers in the southern part of the river referred to it as the Wind River due to it's origin, while those upstream and to the north referred to it as the Big Horn River because it traversed the Big Horn Basin. So today, as the Wind River exits Wind River Canyon and dumps into the Big Horn Basin, it becomes The Big Horn River.

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

The Heart Mountain Interpretive Center is a world-class museum dedicated to passing on the Heart Mountain story to future generations. Through photographs, artifacts, oral histories and the interactive exhibits, visitors of the Center experience life at Heart Mountain through the eyes of those Japanese and Japanese Americans that were confined here during WWII. The Center provides an overview of the wartime relocation of Japanese Americans, including the background history of anti-Asian prejudice in America and the factors leading to their enforced relocation and confinement. Special emphasis is given to the experience of incarceration, the diverse personal responses of Japanese Americans to their imprisonment, constitutional issues, violations of civil liberties and civil rights, and the broader issues of race and social justice in the U.S.

400 Feet Straight Up

A 400 feet elevator ride over Powell, Wyoming at Homesteader Park on the east side of town.

Northern Wyoming Industry

A collection of industrial operation flyovers around Northern Wyoming.

Polecat Bench

A short video about a landmark near Powell, Wyoming.