I was born in Akron, Ohio and lived in a modest home in a modest neighborhood that was underneath the flight path of aircraft arriving and leaving the Akron Municipal Airport. Further, the Goodyear Blimp was a common sight in the summer and my father instilled in me an appreciation for aircraft in those early days. After finishing my undergraduate studies in graphic communications at Arizona State University, I worked as a darkroom technician for an aerial photographer in Phoenix. 

Powell High School 50-yard-line.

Powell High School 50-yard-line.

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I started flying drones in 2012 in the form of remote controlled toys flying around the house. However, my experience in photography is much more extensive. Ironically, my first job following my undergraduate studies was working for Phoenix-based aerial photographer Jerry Landis (Landis Aerial Surveys). Further, my father was fascinated with aircraft and while in the United States Navy worked as an ordnance technician on the U.S.S. Valley Forge (CV-45).

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